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A leader in merchant account solutions, Transsource has developed a strong reputation for providing reliable merchant services to a wide range of high-risk businesses including but not limited to dating, health & beauty, gaming, CBD, and many more. Most processing solutions intentionally make life difficult for high-risk merchants, especially when it comes to price. Transsource always strives to ensure that pricing is transparent so that there are no surprises when viewing your month-end processing statement.

Bespoke Solutions for High-Risk Merchants

TransSource has specialized as brokers in the high-risk payment processing space, and developed a strong reputation for providing reliable merchant services to a wide range of low-risk to high-risk businesses, which include the following:

Merchant Accounts for Every Industry

A merchant account is a special type of bank account that allows businesses to receive payments from debit or credit cards. Merchant accounts are necessary when processing credit card transactions online, allowing funds to be transferred from the customer to the merchant’s bank account.

Online Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is a service that authorizes and processes payments in e-commerce websites, serving as a portal to facilitate transactions between customers and merchants. Our team of merchant account managers is dedicated to providing you with the best possible gateway solutions. This will allow your merchant account to seamlessly plug in to your new or existing setup while ensuring this being done at the best possible price. TransSource has partnered with the industry leading high-risk payment gateways to provide tailored solutions for the right merchants.

Chargebacks & Anti-Fraud Solutions

Chargebacks are the reversal of a prior outbound transfer of funds received from your customer for any disputed or fraudulent transactions, and more often than not, merchants are left out of the dispute process. Rather than seek a refund with the merchant, the customer simply calls the number on the back of their credit/debit card and seeks an automatic reversal. Excessive chargebacks can render merchants defenseless, making it crucial for merchants to launch their e-commerce businesses with chargeback protection.


Payment Processing For Modern Businesses

Consumers expect to be able to shop for products or services online, and in an ever-changing landscape influenced by e-commerce, those business owners who do not accept credit card payments limit their potential and miss out on sales revenues. TransSource offers the most secure and convenient online payment processing solutions for today’s business at the most competitive prices.

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We specialize in high volume e-commerce merchants throughout the globe, creating vastly improved payment structures for hard-to-place and high-risk businesses based on their individual needs. TransSource industry-leading solutions are here to take your business to the next level.

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